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Chattanooga, TN and Salt Lake City, UT -

Today Chattanooga-based startup RootsRated, Inc rebrands as RootsRated Media and kicks off a new visual identity that will encompass the corporate side of the business. The launch coincides with the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, where company leadership wanted to better represent the multi-faceted content marketing platform they have developed.

Fynn Glover, CEO and Founder, describes the impetus for the change: “It no longer made sense to use the B2C logo and style to convey information about our B2B service offerings and software platform. We’re here to make content marketing simple for our clients. As a result of that laser focus, we wanted to simplify our message.”

The company went through an extensive process to define the brand’s attributes and clarify the messaging, in order to simplify what can seem like a complex service offering. No outside agencies were involved in the effort. Internally, CTO Brian Wleklinski designed the new logo and selected typefaces and colors.

Wleklinski describes the new logo as “intentionally modest,” adding that "it uses subtle ligatures to represent the connections between shared audiences and a historically-inspired font to kindle trust. It’s simple and versatile with room to evolve in a fast-changing industry.” He developed a logo system where individual products can have their own sub brands. The logo system left-aligns the secondary tier with the camel case ‘R’ of RootsRated. This alignment symbolizes the connectivity of each product and service to RootsRated’s origin.

The colors play an important part of the overall message, as Wleklinski explains: "RootsRated Media’s color palette is inspired by vibrant earth-tones. Our master-brand's primary color is violet, evoking emotions of ambition, uniqueness, and quality. Our products mostly exist in the digital space, so the colors are WCAG 2.0 compliant and chosen to be functional in many contexts."

Mark McKnight, CMO and Co-Founder, led the messaging clarifications and helped develop the brand: "Our customers have complex problems and are overwhelmed by options in marketing technology, so it’s important that we tell our own story as succinctly as possible.”

Over the coming days, the RootsRated Labs website and all internal communications will transition to the new RootsRated Media identity.

RootsRated.com, the expert-driven outdoor website answering the question “where to go outdoors," will retain the original branding at this time, and continue to engage consumers directly. "We’re drawing valuable insights from outdoor enthusiasts and bringing that insight back to our clients across the travel, outdoor, hospitality, and healthcare industries. To be clear, that B2C experience will not change and remains important to our mission,” says McKnight.

About RootsRated Media

RootsRated Media enables the discovery of shared experiences, from the monumental to the everyday. Because brands are better when they focus less on products and more on the experiences their products serve, RootsRated Media has created an indispensable platform for engaging audiences with content.

RootsRated Compass is a software platform powering the sourcing, distribution, and measurement of content marketing. Through the platform and people behind it, brands can commission custom content, license articles from RootsRated.com and other sources, publish to their own websites in a few clicks, and then measure the impact of that content. The system allows for easy, hyper-localized advertising efforts as well as networked distribution that puts brands’ content in the places that matter.

RootsRated Compass makes content marketing easy for brands as wide-ranging as Marmot, ExOfficio, Vail Resorts, OrthoCarolina, Yakima, Atout France, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and Alabama.

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